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Shopping with Grant, an Interior Design Experience-de Le Cuona

Blog Post No.133

Shopping with Grant, an Interior Design Experience-de Le Cuona

Grant Pierrus is well known in the interior design industry for his elegant taste and his understanding of what truly luxurious design is.


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This week on the Shopping with Grant Series, he takes us to de Le Cuona’s flagship store on Pimlico Road. The store captures the spirit of Bernie de Le Cuona, her passion for textiles and travel, culture and contrast. It reflects the de Le Cuona ethos of a natural sustainable luxury for interior textiles and Grant talks us through how it’s the attention to detail at every part of the process that makes de Le Cuona textiles so special.

Join us for our new series Shopping with Grant. Throughout this series, he takes us through some of London’s most innovative and forward thinking boutique stores, with a range of furniture, linen and homeware to suit every home or style. Grant also shares some of the makers stories and what it is about these shops that he loves.

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