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Security Tips for Young People Relocating Away From Family

Blog Post No.134

Security Tips for Young People Relocating Away From Family

KATE BRIGHT is one of the few fully qualified chartered security professional women in the business, and her approach is one of inclusion and education.


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This week we welcome back security expert Kate Bright to discuss what you can do to support your children as they start higher education or university.  

The safety of our children is always a top priority, and Kate discusses how you can support your children as they move into the next stage of their lives, keeping them safe not only physically but digitally as well.

She explains the importance and role of community, how honing your gut instinct is a basic safety requirement for everyone and then shares a few tips on environmental and situational awareness training from her Body Guard in a Bag series. 

Whether your children are still of school going age or they are about to head off into their next life adventure, this week’s podcast shares some practical tips on how to prepare them and keep them safe while allowing them to spread their wings.

I think the most important thing, particularly for young people, is to be able to keep the phones charged, having charging packs.
These devices have become our navigation tools, they’ve become our safety tools, they’ve become the way that we can help signal safety for ourselves, but also for other people.


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