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Releasing Equity from Property

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Releasing Equity from Property

Patrick Bullick is a very experienced and qualified agent, working at the top end of the property market, dealing with generations of buyers and sellers.

Oliver Chessis is a Financial Adviser with a lot of experience in helping people TO plan for RETIREMENT.


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Our guests in today’s podcast are Patrick and Oliver. Patrick is an agent passionate about helping clients, despite the fact that sometimes this is a shot in his foot, convincing clients not to sell. Oliver is the right man to help to plan for the retirement stage. It’s never too early to start.

Firstly, we approach the topics of equity release, the various ways to use it, and the difference between retirement mortgages and equity release.

We go into detail on the matter of taking debt into retirement, and if there is a gap in the market for retirees being able to get a mortgage?

Furthermore, we touch on the issue of asset diversification. Oliver offers multiple options to his clients. The more diverse the asset portfolio, the more options they have. The earlier they start to build their wider wealth outside of any earned income from employment, the easier it is for them to make decisions.

Considering the inflationary environment, actually any sort of financial planning that someone does, whether that be keeping on top of their cash flow a little bit, some sort of investing using different options available to them or putting money in their pension, it’s all key.


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