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Navigating your way to the right day school in London | Garden House School

Navigating your way to the right day school in London | Garden House School

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Navigating your way to the right day school in London | Garden House School

Emma Studd, a longtime teacher at Garden House School, taughts Math and English to older girls while preparing students for 11+ exams.
Dan Jameson, with a degree in Education, became Head of Garden House Boys’ School in September 2020.


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When looking for a day school, the most important thing is making the right choice as a parent and family. We discussed this topic with the two heads of Garden House School in Chelsea, Mr. Jameson, and Mrs. Studd.

Their first advice is to visit the school in person to get a sense of the spirit of the school and understand its ethos and values. No child will remember the school because of its facilities, but rather because of what the school had to offer, the other pupils there, and the staff.

Having a selection of schools and putting the child at the centre of this decision is equally important.
Beyond the curriculum, the critical points of an education path are those learning dispositions, those ways of thinking, those habits of mind, and interdisciplinary skills, such as critical thinking and collaboration. They become as crucial as the subjects themselves.

Garden House is a unique, family-run school for girls and boys between the ages of 3 and 11. From the age of 4, the girls and boys are taught separately for most academic lessons, but they have numerous opportunities to interact with each other during the school day.

We’ve had a kindness code for nearly 25 years. It is quite a trend at the moment, but it really is very much embedded in who we are as a school.  We don’t have school rules; we just have our kindness code, which is seven points to guide all our children and, in fact, the whole school community as to how to look after each other. 

Mrs. Studd,  Girls’ head of Garden House School

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