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When Design and Marketing Come Together a Seamless Way

When Design and Marketing Come Together a Seamless Way

Blog Post No.111

When Design and Marketing Come Together a Seamless Way

Grant Pierrus is well known in the interior design industry for his elegant taste and his understanding of what truly luxurious design is.


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This week we had a fascinating conversation with Grant about all things interior design. Grant started a very successful blog back in 2015 and is now running a boutique marketing agency, specialising in marketing for interior designers.

We talk about how design is both a passion and a lifestyle for him and what good design actually is. He gives us tips on how to partner with the right interior designer, what to look for and what to be aware of in an industry that is not as regulated as others.

Grant runs us through his tips for building a global brand and what he loves the most about his job, including his experience of going through vintage markets and auction houses with clients, many of whom have been with him for many years and are now firm friends.

Design was once considered a purely decorative function and he talks to us about how this has changed over the last few years to incorporate more wellness and functionality of a space, rather than just the soft furnishings.

You’ve got firstly, space planning, so what is happening where on the property, then you’ve got to look at things like flooring, you’ve got to look at wall coverings, you know, structures of walls, you’ve got to look at lighting. I’ve just touched on lighting, lighting is absolutely crucial.


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