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Commercial Real Estate Rentals and How to Maximise Your Potential

Blog Post No. 124

Commercial Real Estate Rentals and How to Maximise Your Potential

Harvey Soning is a seasoned property consultant and developer with 60 years of experience in commercial property. In 1974, he founded his company, which specializes in the sale, purchase, and asset management of commercial property, while also offering leasing and acquisition advice to office, retail, and leisure users.
Throughout his 40-year career, Harvey has been involved in numerous significant property developments and investment transactions across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and the USA, earning a prominent reputation within the property industry.


This week, we spend time talking with Harvey Soning about commercial real estate and how this part of the industry has evolved over the last few decades. We discuss how the modern buildings of today are a different kettle of fish altogether, requiring a completely different approach to managing them and planning for the future.

Harvey gives us advice on how to maximise your potential with commercial real estate rentals, and what to consider if you are thinking about commercial real estate investments in other major cities around the UK. In addition, he highlights the potential challenges with permitted planning and relationships with local council authorities.

60 years ago, buildings were buildings. Today buildings are huge pieces of machinery. There’s no other way to describe it. They are living bricks, mortar concrete, but they live inside, especially with the environmental challenges that we’re living in now.


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