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Katharine Pooley

When British Design Meets International Influence

Blog Post No. 123

When British Design Meets International Influence

Katharine Pooley is renowned worldwide for the singular beauty and power of her extraordinary interiors.

Established over 18 years ago, Katharine’s London-based, luxury, interior design studio creates innovative designs and exquisite, award-winning, spaces.


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Join us for this week’s conversation where we chat with Katharine Pooley, a well known British interior designer. Katharine talks to us about her travels, living in Hong Kong, and what motivated her to move back to the UK.

She discusses the importance of listening to clients and really understanding what they are looking for, while still offering a fantastic service that can also be delivered with or without their input, depending on what they want.

Katharine focuses on local British crafts, but also incorporates international artisans for the details and elements like sculptures and artworks. We talk about one of her favourite artisans, Ben Russell, and how he makes each of his sculptures from a single piece of marble.

It’s a process, I would say we have a really good understanding of what they desire. So always straight away, we’ll start with floorplans ,get the layout of the land first of all, then we’ll start to talk about the style, their creativity, what they need.


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