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Managing Tenanted Premises and Planning the Annual Maintenance Budget

Residential Block Management and Planning the Annual Maintenance Budget

Blog Post No. 125

Residential Block Management and Planning the Annual Maintenance Budget

With over 30 years’ experience in residential property management in Central London, Fiona is the Managing Director of A LONDON FIRM, offering a bespoke and personalised property management service.


This week on the podcast, Farnaz and Fiona discuss what it is really like to manage tenanted residential premises, and what to consider when planning your annual maintenance budget. 

Fiona highlights the importance of Health & Safety, and how the current regulations affect landlords and tenants, and how to tackle any challenges that might arise. We also discuss and debate older buildings compared to new buildings in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability management. 

If you would like to learn more about communications between landlords and tenants, and what is really important to consider when looking at commercial real estate, join us for this week’s discussion.

When doing your routine budget, you have to include your Health and Safety Audit and your fire risk assessment. Then on top of that, you have what’s called the CapEx plan.


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