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Charities to Support in Kensington & Chelsea

There are a wide variety of charities to support in the Kensington & Chelsea area; around 200 in total, ranging from well known branches of larger organisations to smaller, localised community projects.

The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation

Registered as a charity in 2008, the foundation has raised over £2 million, enabling them to make over 300 grants to 50 local charities and community organisations.

The aim of the foundation is to raise awareness of the contrasts that exist in the local area; despite 51% of local children attending private school, the remaining 49% in state schools receive a higher than national average access to free school meals. And there is an 11 year age discrepancy in life expectancy between the North and South of the borough.

The foundation also looks to create effective ways that local residents can support charities and community groups, alongside championing the work of the small charities in the area.

Earls Court Community Project

The project was established in the 1980s as a partnership between Youth With A Mission (YWAM), alongside local churches in order to reach out to the young and vulnerable of the local area.

Reaching out and supporting people whose lives have been affected by drug or alcohol addition, mental illness and homelessness, the project continues to work with many of the churches in the local area to provide such care to those on the edges of society.

The Conservation Foundation

Established in 1982, the foundation was formed in order to promote positive environmental awareness and action. For the past 30 years, the project has worked tirelessly to create initiatives to inspire and enable thousands of people to engage more wholly with the environment.

Projects are run as partnerships, with corporate and individual sponsors, government departments alongside other trusts and foundations.

Based within the walls of the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington, the foundation operates through a wide range of activities, including lectures, concerts and exhibitions.

Lyndon’s Arts Trust

The Lyndon’s Arts Trust is a registered charity, which has been operating for the past 15 years to promote arts in the community; supporting art students and young graduates in the early stages of their careers.

Through workshops and outreach programmes, young people are able to meet other aspiring artists and work in a safe, quiet and inspiring setting. Offering advice from specialist art tutors and volunteers, the charity acts as a springboard for upcoming talent; nurturing their skills and giving them the much needed confidence to achieve their dreams.

The Young Explorers Trust (YET)

An independent educational based charity, the YET seeks to promote safe and responsible expeditions, giving young people the opportunity to take part in exploration, discovery and challenging adventures.

Established in 1972, YET champion’s active, challenging and safe trips for young people; providing advice and support to expedition providers. Since its launch, the charity has assessed over 1,500 youth expeditions, enabling over 30,000 young people to benefit from exploration. The charity has also offered grants to support over 300 youth expeditions.

Portobello Dance

A community initiative, Portobello Dance is based in Notting Hill, and is a popular weekend destination offering children from 3years to adults training in classical ballet, tap, street and salsa. Through dance education and events, the established organisations participates in a variety of activities, locally and nationwide.

The initiative operates on an open door policy, with over 150 budding dancers passing through classes each week. And the schools high achievers have even gone onto to further training. A really community project, serving local people, the initiative continues to strengthen its outreach programme through schools across multiple London boroughs.

Friends of Brompton Cemetery

One of the oldest and most distinguished garden cemeteries in the UK, Brompton Cemetery is Grade I listed on the English Heritage Register of Historic Parks & Gardens.

The 39 acre site lies between Old Brompton and Fulham Roads. The Friends of Brompton Cemetery work tirelessly to preserve the site as a model and fantastic example of a historic cemetery, which still plays an active role in modern society. Working to maintain and resort the buildings, monuments and landscapes, the cemetery even offers afternoon tours for people wishing to take in the surroundings.

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