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Julian Assange: An Unlikely Model…

It has been announced that Julian Assange will model for Ben Westwood, the son of Dame Vivienne Westwood, come September. Yes…you read that right. Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, will strut his stuff on the catwalk at London Fashion Week this autumn.

But, wait a minute. Isn’t Julian Assange held up in the Ecuadorian Embassy claiming diplomatic asylum? Well, yes he is; which is why the show will take place within the walls of the embassy in Knightsbridge. Assange has been living at the address for two years, in attempt to avoid Swedish extradition charges related to a series of claimed sexual offences. Of course, he is also wanted by the USA, with regards to government leaks via his website, WikiLeaks.

The idea to involve Assange in a catwalk show is as bonkers as most people perceive Ben’s mother, Dame Vivienne Westwood, to be. Borne out of a discussion with his PR representative, Ben Westwood has yet to meet Assange formally, or visit the embassy in which his latest collection will debut.

Much of the details of the show are yet to be confirmed. However, there won’t be the full-size catwalk that Somerset House and various other locations can provide. Instead, the constraints of the embassies walls will dictate to the floor plan and the flow of the event.

The focus of the show is to promote both Ben Westwood’s latest collection, but also to promote Assange’s case and ensure he doesn’t sink into obscurity.

“The point is to promote Julian Assange” Ben stated.

It is debatable as to whether Assange inspired some of the collection that he will be modelling. Westwood himself has discussed how his own love of camping and the outdoors has inspired his camouflage-heavy designs, alongside a smidge of Clint Eastwood-esque rough and tough.

As bizarre as it sounds, the show will certainly create a buzz. And you never know, it may be the future of fashion weeks across the world; political personas walking the infamous catwalk. Imagine David Cameron modelling the latest Burberry? Ahem, maybe not!

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