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What to Look for When Buying Property in London - Word From the Street Series - S03E02

What to Look for When Buying Property in London

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What to Look for When Buying Property in London


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Welcome to Episode 2 of Season 3 of ‘The Word From the Street’ series. In this episode, we’ve gathered insights from nine top real estate agents, each offering their unique perspectives on what to look for when buying property in London.

We focus on key factors to consider when buying property in London. These include strong rental demand, proximity to public transport, the significance of good internet and energy efficiency, and the relevance of service charges and service charge costs. 

The agents emphasize the importance of location, infrastructure, potential for growth, and amenities, such as tube stations, high streets, parks, and convenience stores. Additionally, they advise checking the neighborhood and being cautious about properties in need of extensive refurbishment. The discussion highlights the value of making informed and unemotional financial decisions when investing in property and emphasizes the need to carefully assess leasehold properties, especially those with short leases. Ultimately, they recommend choosing a property that aligns with individual needs and offers long-term value, whether for investment or personal use.

 The Word From the Street is a series featuring real estate agents giving advice on property needs. We cover a wide range of topics, such as how to find the right property, how to negotiate the best price and how to prepare a property for sale. Each real estate agent is giving their unique perspective and expert advice. The series is targeted to a wide audience, from first-time buyers and sellers to experienced investors.


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