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The Word from the Street Series

The Word From the Street Series – Season 1

Blog Post No. 100

The Word From the Street Series – Season 1


We are excited to introduce a new series focused on the property market – Word from the Street.

We have selected a handful of frequently asked questions, and we have invited local property experts to respond.

Episode 1 | Why Do I Want to Invest in Property?

Episode 2 | Property Investment for Beginners

Episode 3 | Are Estate Agents Rich?

Episode 4 | How to Value a House?

Episode 5 | Selling vs. Renting a Property

Episode 6 | Why Is My Property Not Selling?

Episode 7 | Must Knows for Property Buyers

Episode 8 | Property Manager : Choosing a Good One

Episode 9 | The London Property Market in A Sentence/Word

A property is a very safe asset, it delivers a return. It’s gives you versatility in respect of what you want to do with it. You can rent it out, you can live in it. Lots of different reasons.

Edward Thomson, Strutt & Parker


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