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The Turnkey Home

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The Turnkey Home


Episode 8 | The Turnkey Home

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In this episode from the Word From the Street series, our experts share valuable insights on what makes a turnkey home truly remarkable.

They emphasize the importance of comfort, cooling, and the convenience of having a lift, which are highly sought-after features for clients, especially those from the southern hemisphere. By providing these amenities, turnkey properties create a unique market demand, offering a level of luxury and desirability that is unmatched.

Furthermore, our speakers highlight the significance of exceptional services in the turnkey experience. They stress that a top-tier concierge service goes beyond collecting packages, but rather focuses on offering a lifestyle. From arranging tickets to exclusive events to catering to personalized needs, the concierge service becomes an integral part of turnkey living, ensuring a seamless and indulgent way of life.

 The Word From the Street is a series featuring real estate agents giving advice on property needs. We cover a wide range of topics, such as how to find the right property, how to negotiate the best price and how to prepare a property for sale. Each real estate agent is giving their unique perspective and expert advice. The series is targeted to a wide audience, from first-time buyers and sellers to experienced investors.


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