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The Importance of Relationship Management in Commercial Real Estate

Blog Post No. 127

The Importance of Relationship Management in Commercial Real Estate


This week, we are joined by Jeremy, an experienced Chartered Surveyor with over 25 years experience in commercial real estate. 

We discuss the concept of asset management, how to add value to your property, and what a good management company should be doing for you in relation to your commercial tenants. Jeremy comments on relationship management and how important it is to communicate clearly between tenants and landlords. 

He shares his opinion of whether or not the market has been impacted by the latest remote working trends, and the potential impact on city town centers should local businesses choose to operate fully remotely. 

Everyone wants their building to be the greenest building in the country. They want to supply the electricity from green sources. We’ve got to provide them with recycling, we insulate buildings, double glazed them, make sure the air quality is right.
We wouldn’t have dreamt of half those things back in the 80s when I started in this business.  


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