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'The 'Fiddly' London Property Market and the Impact on Individual Landlords with Sebastian Deckker

‘The ‘Fiddly’ London Property Market and the Impact on Landlords

Blog Post No. 194

‘The ‘Fiddly’ London Property Market and the Impact on Landlords


Sebastian Deckker is a seasoned valuer with a wealth of experience, specializing in residential property valuations for a diverse clientele, including banks, solicitors, developers, trusts, and private individuals.
His expertise extends to properties in London, the Home Counties, and international locations such as France, Monaco, Switzerland, Austria, and Dubai.

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In this insightful interview with Sebastian Deckker, Director of Valuations at Savills, we delve into the complexities of London’s ‘Fiddly’ Property Market and its profound impact on individual landlords. Sebastian sheds light on the evolving landscape of this market, emphasizing the prevalence of revaluations and shifting lenders. While there may not be a surge in purchases, the market remains notably active.

Sebastian underscores the stability of property prices from the seller’s perspective, predicting potential increases in 2024-2025 amidst looming factors like upcoming elections, rising living costs, and interest rate hikes. He also discusses the paradigm shift towards quality-driven investments and the challenges faced by properties with unique quirks.

Discover how areas like Notting Hill, St. John’s Wood, and Venice are gaining traction, and how certain properties, with their picturesque gardens and communal spaces, are becoming sought-after gems in London’s ever-evolving property landscape. Don’t miss this interview that offers valuable insights into the intricacies of London’s property market.

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