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Raoof Haghighi

Surreal and Hyperreal: Raoof Haghighi’s Artistic Journey from Shiraz to London

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Surreal and Hyperreal: Raoof Haghighi’s Artistic Journey from Shiraz to London


Iranian-born British artist Raoof Haghighi is renowned for his portraiture and realism. With a self-taught background, he has exhibited internationally since 1995, including in Iran, the UK, US, Czech Republic, Spain, and Ireland. 

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Join us as we delve into the captivating artistic journey of Raoof Haghighi, an Iranian-born British artist known for his mesmerizing portraits and surrealistic creations. In this exclusive interview, Raoof takes us back to his roots in Shiraz, Iran, where he was nurtured by an artistic family and developed an unyielding passion for painting. As a self-taught artist, he found solace and purpose in the strokes of his brush, with art becoming an integral part of his existence. 

Discover how Raoof’s profound connection to art transformed his life, as he shares his unquenchable thirst for experimentation and exploration across various styles and techniques. From hyperrealistic portraits to thought-provoking surrealism, Raoof’s talent knows no boundaries. Uncover the inspirations behind his evocative creations and the intricate process of bringing his visions to life.

Furthermore, Raoof reflects on his experiences growing up in Iran, where societal challenges ignited his artistic spirit and led to a deep connection with the fight for women’s rights and freedom. Witness the profound impact of real-life events on his recent works, as he channels his creativity to shed light on the struggles and resilience of women in Iran.

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