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Real Estate and Sustainability at The Other House

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Real Estate and Sustainability at The Other House


Naomi Heaton, CEO & Co-Founder of The Other House

A Fusion of Long-Stay Rentals and Hotel Living:

Naomi Heaton takes us on a journey into the genesis of Other House, born out of her company London Centre Portfolio (LCP). Other House stands out as a unique concept, offering the equivalent of a hotel for long stays. Its name, “Other House,” reflects its purpose – to be your alternative home for as long as you’re in town, whether it’s a night, a week, a month, or a year.

Sustainability at the Core:
The conversation quickly turns to sustainability, a subject at the forefront of Other House’s philosophy. Heaton discusses the staggering statistic that 40% of environmental waste comes from the property sector and highlights how Other House addresses this challenge from the inception of its projects. Utilizing renewable electricity, air source heat pumps, top-grade insulation, and smart building technologies, Other House strives to minimize its carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Sustainable Practices within Club Flats:
Naomi Heaton emphasizes the commitment to sustainability within the club flats, where single-use plastics are avoided, and reusable containers for liquids and shampoos are prioritized. The supply chain is meticulously scrutinized to ensure sustainability not only in the property but also in every item used, fostering a holistic approach to eco-friendly living.

Challenges and Opportunities with Online Travel Agents:
The discussion extends to the role of online travel agents like Airbnb and in promoting sustainability. Heaton notes the varying levels of awareness among travellers, highlighting the need for education and awareness to drive sustainable choices.

Continuous Learning and Future Initiatives:
Looking to the future, Heaton acknowledges the learning curve and the importance of local and sustainable sourcing. Plans for increased use of recycled fabric in upcoming projects and the innovative approach to measuring and communicating energy consumption in individual flats are unveiled. The focus is not just on building sustainably but also on promoting guest awareness and consciousness.

Upcycling: From Art to Books:
Other House’s commitment to sustainability extends to upcycling, with Heaton sharing the creative approach to reimagining paintings and vintage items within the house. The art tells a story of rescuing Victorian amateur paintings from obscurity, creating a harmonious blend of old and new.

As our conversation with Naomi Heaton comes to a close, we’re left inspired by Other House’s dedication to sustainability in every facet. From furniture to art and books, Other House is setting an example for a conscious and eco-friendly approach to luxury living.

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