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Protecting Time And Boundaries In Parenting

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Protecting Time And Boundaries In Parenting


Parenting is a challenging task that might often feel as it is changing as soon as one masters a particular stage, making the caregivers learn it all over again.

In today’s podcast, we are in conversation with Elaine, parenting coach, author, and founder of Parent Practice.

Elaine aims to take parents away from unrealistic expectations, fears, and exhaustion. On good habits and behaviours, Elaine advises that the key is a perfect balance of structure, novelty, and motivation.

And really simply children need three things in order to get into good habits and behaviours. They need structure, which is rules and boundaries, and us being firm. They need motivation, which is us being very positive and having that warm connective relationship with a child. And actually they need a bit of fun and novelty.



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