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Property valuation | What to consider when valuing your property

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Property valuation | What to consider when valuing your property 


This week’s podcast covers the basics of how to value a house, whether it’s for the purpose of selling, just because you want to know what your house is valued at or for refinancing reasons.

Join us as we chat with David, property expert. David has decades of experience with Prime Central London property and has over the years been involved in achieving some of the highest prices per square foot in Prime Central London property.

Having lived in Knightsbridge and South Kensington for over 40 years himself, he has a keen knowledge of the local property market.

His tips on how to improve the value of your property and what to consider when valuing your property may be just the information you need to improve your property value prospects, or at the very least guide you towards working with someone who can help you with this.

Get somebody in who’s knowledgeable about the marketplace. They don’t have to have sold the most houses on your specific street or even the most on the two or three adjoining streets, but they have to have a lot of experience.



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