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London Property Market Update 2023: Top Agents Share Year-End Predictions - Andrew Langton

London Property Market Update 2023 – Andrew Langton

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London Property Market Update 2023 – Andrew Langton


Andrew Langton, a heavyweight in central London prime real estate, is renowned for his decades of expertise.
He has received prestigious awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1994 and recognition as the Top Property Salesman in Europe in 2013, solidifying his reputation as a trusted agent for British billionaires, Middle Eastern royalty, and Chinese industrialists.

As we approach the end of the year, we’ve curated four exclusive episodes featuring top agents with decades of industry experience. In these episodes, we delve into the state of the property market in London, seeking updates and predictions from these seasoned professionals.

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In today’s episode, we’re honored to host Andrew Langton, a veteran with over five decades of experience in the industry. Andrew shares his unique insights into the current state of the London property market.

As we reflect on the challenging market conditions of 2023, Andrew notes a near standstill in residential property transactions. Factors such as rising interest rates and geopolitical turmoil have contributed to a cautious approach among buyers. The rental market, however, remains lively, driven by the necessity of finding a home.

Andrew sheds light on the changing dynamics, emphasizing the impact of financial considerations and buyer sentiment. The increased cost of debt, coupled with a desire for value for money, has led to a slowdown in the sales market.

Delving into the future, Andrew discusses potential shifts in buyer behavior. The concept of working remotely has altered the traditional patterns of living and working, with the countryside becoming an attractive option due to improved online work capabilities and the desire for a higher quality of life.

In addressing investment opportunities, Andrew explores the appeal of London’s residential property for global investors, particularly those from regions with surplus funds generated from commodities like oil and gas. He also highlights the significance of political stability and safe investments in attracting international capital.

Stay tuned for our engaging conversations with the next agents as they share their perspectives, expertise, and predictions for the future of London’s real estate. 

Our Market Update series is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how different prime areas within London are navigating the ever-changing real estate landscape. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or investor, these episodes offer invaluable insights that can guide your decisions in the London property market.


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