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Navigating Development Finance through a Prime Investing Platform

Navigating Development Finance through a Prime Investing Platform – Uma Rajah

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Navigating Development Finance through a Prime Investing Platform – Uma Rajah


Uma graduated with a Masters in Engineering from Cambridge University and gained valuable experience in product innovation. After earning an MBA from INSEAD, she co-founded a social purchasing start-up and later held several Head of Product roles in FinTech. Her expertise led her to co-found a company that brings FinTech innovation to the prime property lending market.

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This week we interview Uma Rajah, co-founder of an investing platform for prime areas of development. Uma’s background in financial technology was essential for the business’s creation. It was launched to meet the funding gap in the market, as regulatory changes made it unappealing for banks and building societies to lend to property developers after the financial crisis.

Listeners will gain insights into the world of development finance, including how development founders look at borrowers and how Uma’s company vets borrowers to ensure that they have the capability to deliver assets that will be worth a certain amount at the end of the project. The podcast provides valuable information for property developers and investors who want to learn more about the lending process and the importance of finding the right lender for their projects.

The unique perspective on credit risk comes from its understanding of projects in a different way than typical lenders, allowing them to provide a more flexible and entrepreneurial approach. The company’s expertise protects investors and adds value to borrowers, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a lender with a strong track record. The platform provides loans to property developers working on projects in prime Southeast England areas, including central London, Mayfair, Belgravia, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Kensington, and others. The platform also lends in prime regions outside of London, such as Wimbledon and Hampstead, as well as prime home counties like St. George’s Hill, Wentworth, and Windsor, Ascot.

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