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London Property Market: Trends and Predictions - Word From the Street Series - S03E03

London Property Market: Trends and Predictions

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London Property Market: Trends and Predictions


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Join us for an insightful discussion on the London property market in the latest episode of “Word From the Street.” Expert property agents weigh in on the corrections observed over the past decade, touching upon government legislation and measures to address housing issues. They express hope for future support for genuine rental investors while highlighting the challenge of making housing affordable for locals.

📉 Market Predictions:
Limited price growth in London over the next 12 to 24 months.
High borrowing costs may drive the rental market, hindering mortgage accessibility.
Confidence in the resilience of super prime and prime markets despite challenges.

🌆 City Living and Prime Locations:
Despite economic and political uncertainties, there’s a positive outlook on the appeal of living in urban villages and prime locations like Hampstead, Marylebone, and Mayfair.

🔮 Expert Opinions:
Diverse perspectives on the market’s trajectory, ranging from a belief in a gradual rise in prime central London prices to concerns about a flatlining or slight decline.

🌟 London’s Strong Draw:
London continues to attract domestic and international buyers, with a forecasted outperformance in the next five years compared to national trends.

🚀 Future Insights:
Acknowledgment of a challenging market, but optimism about London’s resilience and the evolving nature of property advice in uncertain environments.

 The Word From the Street is a series featuring real estate agents giving advice on property needs. We cover a wide range of topics, such as how to find the right property, how to negotiate the best price and how to prepare a property for sale. Each real estate agent is giving their unique perspective and expert advice. The series is targeted to a wide audience, from first-time buyers and sellers to experienced investors.


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