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Improving mental health through breathwork

Improving mental health through breathwork

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Improving mental health through breathwork

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With a focus on Mental Health Awareness this month, we interviewed Artur, breathwork practitioner and coach.

Join us as we discuss how using your breath properly can relieve anxiety and stress and increase your performance and focus. Breathwork is applicable to everyone, from children to the elderly and it is a tool that you have access to all the time.

There are different types of breathing for different situations, and a consistent daily practice can help you to cope better in stressful situations. Being able to reconnect with yourself helps with emotional reactivity and can alleviate symptoms like panic attacks.

With this in mind, Artur has shared with us his free Bite Sized Breathwork which is a five minute audio that you can download and use anytime, anywhere. You can download this here.

Changing the pattern of the breathing can improve the sleep quality, and there’s a cascading effect once the sleep has improved. So many other conditions and ailments can go away, because we are realigning the system to be in a more optimal state.


As always, we love to hear your feedback. What are your thoughts on breathwork? Have you experienced a positive change in your life using your breath?

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