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I made my dream home a reality in Earl’s Court

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I made my dream home a reality in Earl’s Court

05 / 11 / 2021
In this podcast episode, we are in conversation with Teena Stott about her property development. She had to tear down a building in Earl’s Court to the bare bones to make her dream home a reality. After not being able to get her vision across to her previous architect Teena contacted Rabih Hage. The two had the right chemistry necessary in building a house that Teena is proud to call home.

Literally stripped it back to the bare bones of the house. So there was one point, which absolutely shocked me when I walked in, and I could actually see the sky from the ground floor. And this is a, you know, it’s a four storey house. And I could see the roof because we just gutted the whole place from literally from beginning to end.

Teena Stott


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