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How To Choose and Buy a Private Jet

Blog Post No.63

How To Choose and Buy a Private Jet

27 / 10 / 2021

Steve, CEO of The Jet Business, describes what it means to be an “ultra-high jet worth individual” and how it compares to being a high net worth individual.

Steve explains how the private jet market operates and how you can judge if you can afford and benefit from having a private plane. We look at the bespoke software used at The Jet Business to get the right place for you. Judging by budget, age, maximum travel distance, and many other factors, you can get to pick from a small selection of private jets that would be right for you.

In the podcast episode linked below, Steve teaches us about the implications and advantages of owning a private jet. We also look into who is able to afford one, and how social distancing restrictions have affected the market.

We get it down to about three or four different airplanes then we compare them on the screen full size the floor plan one on top of the other so you can see how wide one is compared to the other.


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