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How Refurbishing Has Changed Since The Pandemic Started

Blog Post No.78

How Refurbishing Has Changed Since The Pandemic Started

London and New York City
26 / 01 / 2022

Join us in a conversation with Rachel, luxury interior designer. In this episode, we discuss how the refurbishing process has changed since the pandemic started. As well as what values are everlasting for a seamless experience when delivering bespoke interior designs.

Rachel runs a luxury interior design studio based in London and New York. The studio focuses on high-end luxury residential homes, hospitality and corporate spaces; and they deliver bespoke and exclusive interiors to their clients.

People have really re-evaluated their homes, and many people are refurbishing refreshing, and they’ll say can you come in and start with my living room and my master suite and can you roll into the next room of my house in the next room.


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