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Leasehold & Freehold Bill 2024 hearing at House of Commons – Insights from the Leasehold Reform Debate with Katherine Simpson & Justin Bennett

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Leasehold & Freehold Bill 2024 hearing at House of Commons – Insights from the Leasehold Reform Debate with Katherine Simpson & Justin Bennett


Katherine Simpson is a recognised expert in the specialist field of leasehold enfranchisement, particularly renowned for her expertise in the Leasehold Reform Act 1967.

Justin Bennett is an expert valuer and also handles the negotiations in matters relating to Leasehold reform on the major estates such as Cadogan, Grosvenor, Howard de Walden & Church Commisioners.

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Navigating the Complexities of Leasehold Reform: Insights from London Property Experts

The London Property Podcast serves as a beacon of knowledge for those traversing the intricate and ever-evolving terrain of the London real estate market. In a recent episode, industry veterans Justin Bennett from LBB Chartered Surveyors and Katherine Simpson from Edwin Coe joined host Farnaz Fazaipour to dissect the hot topic of leasehold reform.

The conversation delved into the significant developments arising from the recent House of Commons hearing on leasehold reform. One key takeaway was the inclusion of a new section addressing the abolition of leasehold houses, albeit with certain exceptions. Permissive leases also took center stage, aiming to facilitate enfranchisement and provide options for leaseholders navigating complex ownership structures.

From a legal perspective, Justin Bennett raised concerns about the valuation methodology proposed in the reforms. The current lack of clarity could lead to unintended consequences, particularly in terms of property values and market dynamics. As the bill progresses through the legislative process, addressing these issues becomes paramount to ensure a fair and practical outcome for all stakeholders involved.

Looking ahead, Katherine Simpson highlighted the potential long-term impacts of these reforms on the real estate market. While addressing legitimate concerns is crucial, there is a delicate balance to strike to avoid disrupting market liquidity and property prices. As such, ongoing engagement with policymakers is essential to fine-tune the reforms and achieve their intended goals without unintended repercussions.

As industry experts continue to navigate the complexities of leasehold reform, the London Property Podcast remains a valuable resource for listeners seeking insights and guidance. With a commitment to fostering informed discussions and facilitating connections between professionals and stakeholders, the podcast serves as a beacon of knowledge in the ever-changing landscape of London real estate.

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