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For Sale: Four-Storey Home on London’s Earl’s Court Sq

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For Sale: Four-Storey Home on London’s Earl’s Court Sq

17 / 11 / 2021
Join us on another one of our featured property videos. Today we are taking a look at this four-story home located on Earls Court Square. Teena Stott and architect Rabih Hage worked together to transform this home, while also keeping elements from the original construction. As a result, some of the walls were kept intact. The most unique feature of the property is probably the jacuzzi that has been lifted onto the roof of the building. The furniture has been curated from different sources, and the interior space is a work in constant change with new pieces being replaced and reoriented.

A house is alive, it’s not something that you just do up, and then it’s finished. For me, it’s constantly thinking about where things are going, where you’re placing them. It feels like it has to have a soul. For me, it’s very important.

Teena Stott

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