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Five Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Speedy Sale

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Five Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Speedy Sale

Tips from interior designer Emma

14 / 10 / 2020

Even if you’re looking for a quick sale, it’s worth taking the time to present your property in style. In the world of super prime a beautiful home can move much faster than a property which ‘needs work’. Buyers simply don’t have the patience. The property pictured, for instance, was snapped up just four hours after hitting the market.

Emma breathes new life into properties (some of which have been on the market for months) to accelerate the sale process. Here are her top five property-staging secrets.


Consider your floor plan

Who will be buying the property? How will they want to use the space? Rearrange the furniture to suit them, it might not be how you like it, but you’ll show the purchaser the best use of space.

You might also want to create a bit of extra space for those Covid-friendly socially distanced viewings. There are always going to be at least two people on a viewing. Can they move around comfortably?

Never waste precious living space on storage!



Don’t forget the bedrooms

A huge bed may be comfy but it can make a bedroom feel cramped. Consider swapping it for a smaller double to make the room feel more spacious. Removing free-standing furniture can have the same effect.

If one particular bedroom has become a dumping ground, empty it and show it as a bedroom or study. Never waste precious living space on storage!


Clean and tidy

Don’t underestimate the importance of a pristine property. Give your house a deep clean, this will help with clearing it out too. Hire professional window cleaners and clean your carpets, either on your own (with a hired machine) or ask a professional.

Declutter before every viewing. Tidy away clothes and shoes, clear the draining board, and plump the cushions, you want to create a friendly inviting atmosphere.

It can be worth having an expert in to help you take ‘stuff’ out of your property whilst still creating a considered look.


let there be light

Natural light can inject energy into a confined space. Always draw the curtains, and use strategically placed mirrors to add light and depth to the room.

Another top tip is to change all your lightbulbs to a warm white bulb, they’re much easier on the eye. The entrance hall at Cathcart Road, before and after.


Don’t distract your prospective buyers

Buyers want to imagine themselves in the property, don’t let anything distract from that vision. Walls covered in bad artwork, or too many family photos, can blemish the ‘blank canvas’ you want to present. Consider replacing them with a mirror, or a carefully selected (and properly hung) piece of art.

Shabbiness can also distract. If your walls are tired, consider painting them to freshen up the room. Finally, get all of those annoying little jobs done. Re-screwing a fitting, or changing a loo seat, do it now, even if you spend the minimum it will improve the overall look!

The dining room at Cathcart Road before (above) and after (below) staging.

By following these simple suggestions your property could sell for the maximum value in the minimum time. 

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