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Chelsea Royal Flower Show

Chelsea Royal Flower Show 2022

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Chelsea Royal Flower Show 2022


As the weather starts to improve and summer commences, London starts to come alive with annual events like the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Originally called the Great Spring Show, the annual RHS Chelsea Flower show is held over five days in May and is one of summer’s most vibrant events. This event has been held since 1862, moving to Chelsea in 1912 as it became apparent that the Chelsea Hospital grounds were a more suitable location for the garden exhibitions.

Members of the royal family regularly visit this event. In 1937 an Empire Exhibition was staged to commemorate the Coronation Year of King George VI. The show featured wattles from Australia, gladioli from East Africa, pines from Canada and even a prickly pear from Palestine.

In modern times, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show gives talented horticulturalists and designers an opportunity to showcase their avant garde designs, new plant varieties and revive interest in older heirloom varieties. While there is no monetary reward for winning in a category, it is generally accepted that medals achieved at the show are extremely prestigious and the competition is fierce.

Medals range from Bronze to Gold, with Gold being the highest award that a garden designer can receive. The judges panel consists of highly experienced experts from across the horticultural industry, with three “assessing” judges, four regular judges and a moderator.

The gardens are judged based primarily on the garden designers brief, first by the assessing judges and then the regular judges and finally the moderator. Each garden designer brief needs to outline a description, purpose, function and key plants & features of the garden. In addition to this, the judges will take into account their overall impression of the garden, the originality of the design, the quality of the construction and the interaction of the various plants within that ecosystem.

Whether your interest in horticulture is keen or you just enjoy browsing through beautiful gardens, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is definitely a seasonal event not to be missed.


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