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Buying and Selling in NY Post Pandemic with Lee Summers

Blog Post No. 129

Buying and Selling in NY Post Pandemic with Lee Summers

LEE SUMMERS is a global advisor based in NYC with a team of 16 agents worldwide, helping people at the top end of the property market in Europe, Asia and USA.


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New York, New York!

This week we welcome back Lee to discuss with Farnaz how the market in New York is doing post pandemic and what Lee considers as the reason that New York bounced back so well.

They discuss the new offices that the real estate company Lee works with has opened in Singapore, and their new International Wine Division that reflects how the real estate market is rapidly changing.

It’s an interesting opinion on how buyers and sellers approach owning property in New York and the pros and cons of renting in that market, in comparison to the London market. 

Whether you already own a property in New York, or are considering purchasing one, this interview provides you with some great insights into how the New York property market works and what you need to consider when thinking about buying or renting property there.

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