London Property

About Us

London Property is a digital marketplace that aims to address inefficiencies and complexity in the London real estate market. The company provides informative and educational content from industry leaders through podcasts and videos, with new content released weekly. The platform covers various aspects of the real estate experience, including buying and selling, finance, law, tax, construction, design, and more. The goal is to provide users with the resources and connections they need to make informed decisions and navigate the super-prime property market, with a focus on personal recommendations.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) principles
for London Property

Acknowledge and appreciate diversity: At London Property, we recognize and value the differences that each individual brings to the table, including linguistic, cultural, experiential, and socioeconomic diversity 
Create an inclusive environment: At London Property, we have respect for one another and foster a sense of inclusivity and belonging by ensuring that everyone becomes the support they need and has access to equal opportunities
Promote equitable policies and practices: At London Property, we ensure that policies and practices are implemented in an equitable manner and the element of “fairness” is reflected in our corporate culture
Eliminate biases and discrimination: At London Property we operate with great awareness of unconscious bias and eliminate discriminatory behavior and practices
Encourage open communication: At London Property we aim to create an environment where all actors can share their concerns and experiences; We acknowledge everyone’s perspective and encourage employees at all levels to engage and share opinions

London Property is a Luxury Real Estate Platform that fosters an inclusive and equitable work environment where all employees feel valued and welcome; We are proud to have such a diverse group of people working together towards a brighter future!

Ask us anything, we will have a solution.