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About Us

We’re a digital marketplace and members-only platform for the people behind London’s super-prime residential property scene. Our articles and properties are provided by industry veterans who have a reputation for integrity.

Our listed estate agents and service providers are carefully selected market leaders who provide special offers to London Property members.

Access to the directory is for members only. Members either live, or are buying or selling, in a super prime location. Membership is free but subject to referral from an existing member. If you are interested in becoming a member, but have not yet been proposed, then click here.


We are not a traditional property portal because we list ‘off-market’ properties. These are checked against market data and once they become openly available will be removed from our list.

Off-market properties (or “pocket deals” as they are called in New York) never reach the open market. Rather they sit in an agent’s back pocket until the right buyer, or the right moment, comes along. 

There are several reasons why a seller may be reluctant to list their property on the open market. It could be an emotional attachment; perhaps the property that has been within the family for generations and must go to the right buyer. Or maybe the seller wants to protect their privacy; they may be a public figure, or selling because of death, divorce, or debt.

So how can you join the ‘inner circle’ of people who hear about these deals?

The most important aspect is to be considered ‘qualified’. Qualification depends on being ready, willing, and able to buy, as well as having a good working relationship with the right buying or selling agent.

As you can imagine, London’s super-prime property market is a small world. That world lives on this website and you can be a part of it. If you’re interested in becoming a member, but haven’t been proposed yet, then click here to find out more.