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Easter in London

Being the first real sign of spring, and the first Bank Holiday of the year, its official…Easter is a hit! With so many things going on all over London, you’ll be forgiven for stuffing your face full of chocolate just to keep your energy up!

Death by Chocolate – The London Dungeons

Isn’t that what Easter is all about? Death by chocolate! Well, The London Dungeon seems to think so anyway, and they will be serving up a ghastly treat for visitors this Easter, from the 28th March until the 12th April.

Following a Sweeney Todd-esque premise, visitors will be tempted by a colourful Victorian sweet shop with colourful confectionary and sweet treats…although the proprietor, Miss Edmunds, is a little bit off…

The Passion of Jesus – Trafalgar Square

The Wintershall Players will return to Trafalgar Square on the 3rd of April for their open air performance of ‘The Passion of Jesus’. Featuring a huge cast of over 100 people, horses, donkeys and doves, the square is set to be packed, with big screens showcasing the whole performance.

Rabble Easter Egg Hunt – Clapham Common

What better way to relive your childhood this Easter than to take part in an Easter egg hunt…but don’t let whimsical notions of childhood fool you…this hunt is slightly different. Rather than hunt…you chase; playing fun games such as ‘British Bulldogs’ and the intriguingly entitled ‘Hung(over) Games’. Booking is advised.

Easter at The Roof Gardens

If you fancy a more elegant Easter diversion, then head over to Kensington Roof Gardens, where the gardens will be open and stocked full of hidden treats from none other than Choccywoccydoodah! The Easer Bunny will be in attendance, of course, whilst parents can relax with an Easter themed cocktail!

Easter Egg Hunts

There are various Easter hunts on all over the city over Easter, from Selfridges to a Shaun the Sheep inspired event at Kew, and a Giant Easter Duck Hunt at London Wetlands, where visitors are given the mission to find a number of missing ducks – oh the intrigue.

And of course, the National Trust will be providing visitors with gorgeous hunts across the country, featuring specially designed eggs from Cadburys, with London hunts taking place on Hampstead Grove, at Fenton House and at Morden Hall Park.

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