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London Exhibitions Highlights

Vivienne Westwood: Cut from the Past – Danson House, Bexleyheath

It may be a little out of town, but for any Vivienne Westwood aficionado, this exhibition is not one to be missed. Set within the beautiful and ornate surroundings of Danson House, ‘Vivienne Westwood: Cut from the Past’ celebrates the impact of 18th Century art and design on the illustrious fashion designer. On show are a multitude of designs and outfits, referenced against Rococo paintings of a selection of French artists, including Watteau and Boucher.

With items on loan from the V&A, the overlord of fashion exhibitions, this new show will also exhibit pieces from Westwood’s early creations. Showing until the 30th October, tickets cost £5…which is a real bargain, despite the longer commute.

Indigenous Australia: Enduring Civilisation– British Museum, Bloomsbury

We may view Australia as a ‘new’ country, with western explorers only stumbling across its bulk just over two hundred years or so ago. A rather offensive outlook, when you consider the countries culture dates back 55,000 years.

Still, our knowledge of Australian indigenous culture is rather limited. We know of aboriginal communities…but we are rather limited on our knowledge of the complex spiritual relationships to the natural world that indigenous art represents. And it is this gap in our knowledge that the British Museum means to close, through an extensive collection of artefacts, alongside contemporary indigenous accounts and responses. Indigenous Australia runs until the 2nd August, and costs £10 per paying adult.

Inventing Impressionism – National Gallery, Leicester Square

The impressionists may be the biggest names in art, but for a long time, their work was both undesired and unsellable. However, this new exhibition, which runs until the 31st May, showcases their rise to fame through their champion, Paul Durrand-Ruel.

It isn’t perceived as being ‘sexy’ to talk about the buying and selling of art, but it is a fascination which occupies many a laymen’s mind. If you aren’t ‘in’ the world of art dealership, then it is quite interesting to find out who bought and sold which items. And discovering just how impressionism become as popular as it is today is just a bonus. Comprising some amazing paintings, the exhibition costs £18 per paying adult.

Sony World Photographer Awards – Somerset House, Aldwych

If you want to head over to Somerset House to catch the Sony World Photographer Awards, you better hurry, as it finishes on the 10th May. Selected from a staggering 173,444 entries from 171 countries, the shortlisted entries feature works from both professionals and amateurs, in categories including travel, wildlife and fashion.

Tickets cost £8.50 per paying adult.

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