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Sarah Van der Noot – London Property Search

Celebrating 20 years of acquiring properties for clients Sarah Van der Noot has built her business through recommendations and word of mouth. 20 years ago there were not many people who offered a buying service , many feel they can do it alone. As the speed of the market races on with the internet and email being an integrated part of the process feeling secure in the knowledge that you have a well-connected and experienced pair of hands on your side can make the difference between finding your dream property or settling for a compromise. As the well known brands get larger a personalized service is a breath of fresh air.  Sarah only takes on 3 clients at a time and never 2 with the same criteria.

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About Farnaz Fazaipour

Farnaz Fazaipour
Farnaz Fazaipour has been working in the prime Central London market since 1990. Buying , renting and managing property on behalf of clients from a multi-national background. A local resident herself Farnaz has excellent insight and knowledge of both the local lifestyle and the property market.