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“Conflict, Time, Photography” at TATE Modern

The world changed in an instant on the 9th August 1945; an incident frozen in time by the power of photography. In the split-second in which Japanese civilians died in heart-wrenching numbers, a small chunk of metal and glass caught the moment an atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki by Americans. Nagasaki would never be the same. Indeed, would the world ever be the same?

Conflict, Time, Photography

Human conflict has an immeasurable impact on civilisation; not only an impact on the landscape of our world, but also a vast effect on our own emotional ties; families, friends, colleagues and even strangers. Running up until the 15th March at the TATE Modern, ‘Conflict, Time, Photography’ is a thought-provoking exhibition that seeps emotion. A moving journey through 150 years of conflict around the world, since the invention of mans most poignant medium, photography.

Moments of Conflict

Through a range of images by photographers, journalists and artists, the exhibition showcases the impact of moments of conflict in the initial moments and subsequent days, weeks, months and even years after the events have occurred. Photographs taken seven months after fire bombing in Dresden are showcased alongside those taken seven months after the end of the First Gulf War, and images taken in Vietnam 25 years after the fall of Saigon sit alongside images taken in Nagasaki after the passing of 25 years.

Humanising Conflicts

There are photographs from numerous conflicts and human tragedies, such as Hiroshima, Afghanistan, Vietnam, WWI, WW2 and Libya, focusing not only on the soldiers fighting in conflict areas but also bringing to light the civilian aspect; humanising those trying to live their lives amid war, destruction, death and deep personal losses.

Taking place alongside the exhibition is a comprehensive schedule of related events, including talks, lectures, performances, music and film. On Sunday 15th February, ‘Romauld Karmakar: The Himmler Project’ will be shown in the Starr Auditorium.  The film explores the ‘mechanics of violence at the heart of the twentieth century’. The screening will be introduced by Romauld Karmaker and will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker.

Context of the exhibition at TATE Modern

On Monday 16th February, a session will take place at tea bringing together the exhibition curators, Simon Baker and Shoair Mavlian, and Hrair Sarkissian, Chloe Dewe Matthews and Diana Matar who will discuss their work in the context of the exhibition, their relationship’s with conflict and their respective modes of representation.

And on Monday 12th March at the TATE Modern, do not miss a specially guided tour of the exhibition with Assistant Curator and co-curator of ‘Conflict, Time, Photography’, Shoair Mavlian. Shoair will lead an hour-long tour, giving tour visitors an out-of-ours opportunity to explore the exhibition afterwards.

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