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Pop-Up Restaurant Culture

Breaking out en masse into the dining space during the 2000s, pop-up restaurants saw their original birth in Cuba and the US, however, it was the movements of Britain and Australia that really made the headway for the pop-up revolution. Their catapult to popularity has certainly been the advent of social media, most significantly Twitter and blogs.

At the height of trendy dining, pop-ups are seen as an effective way for young chefs to propel their careers without the fear of large scale bankruptcy, allowing them to experiment with culinary concepts.

Many a notable and respected chef has started off, or worked on a pop-up project over the course of their career, such as Jason Atherton, Camille Becerra, Pierre Koffman and Stephen Star.

London has a fantastic reputation for serving up delicious foods from around the world. Here, the pop-up revolution is surging forwards with full steam! However, the ‘pop-up’ culture is difficult to pin down. Some restaurants are open longer than others, but often, many are only open for a couple of days.

And whether you want to eat cantina-style with a group of mates, boogie to Balearic music or lose yourself in cheese, there is a pop-up experience for everyone…but where can you find out about them?

Londonpopups.com is a fantastic website, which tracks all of the recent and upcoming pop-up restaurants, with details of cuisine, location and information on the chef and the intended atmosphere of the restaurant.

The website also offers tips and guidance for people who are looking to open their own pop-up restaurant, from location, pricing, ticketing, marketing and pr, legalities, payment and even advice on the food itself.

Allinlondon.co.uk, timeout.com and thenudge.com equally offer a run-down of upcoming pop-ups and how you can go about booking them.

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