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Buy to let property investors from overseas- solution for PRS in PCL

Buy to let investors from overseas may have a solution for investing in the PRS market in PCL. Prime central London property professionals attending the 6th March 2019 collaboration breakfast hosted by the London Property Channel. They are listening to Warren Bath – CFO of Property Partner. An interesting solution for bringing investment back to the private rental sector. The ...

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Specialist property finance for professional investors- Haim Eida of Protocol finance

Specialist property finance for property professionals – Haim Eida of Protocol finance. Structuring the financing of an investment is a vital part of the process. Different banks have different areas of focus, its important to be represented by a professional who has those relationships. The London Property Channel – professionals meet in London’s Belgravia every quarter to share news, views ...

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European Public affairs expert on property September 2017 – Louise Rowntree talks at meeting of prime central London agents

London property experts meet quarterly in London’s Belgravia to share views and discuss topics that are relevant to their market. Guest Speaker Louise Rowntree is an expert in European public affairs and former Liberal democrat candidate for Chelsea & Fulham. The London Property Channel – professionals meet in London’s Belgravia every quarter to share news, views and listen to an ...

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Overseas Investors, is the Party Ending?

Overseas Investors

London Property has for long been a favorite investment product for overseas investors. Having seen high returns, at relatively low risk, in a mature and stable country and with sustained low interest rates pushing house prices ever higher; there is little doubt as to why London has become a favorite investment for Overseas Investors. But are things changing? Will future ...

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Panama Papers and their Implication for London Property

The Shard

With the outbreak of the Panama Papers scandal, it came as little surprise to anyone that a large number of London properties were held by offshore companies, the ultimate beneficiaries of which were a closely guarded secret. However, the papers do show us just how extensive some of this offshoring has been and also to what degree rich foreign nationals ...

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2016 Budget : Buy to Let Investors Targeted

Pound coin

It is that time of the year again, a new budget, new surprises which leave different people either feeling that little bit richer or left out by our government. So what can we gather from the 2016 budget for property investors? 1. Exclusion from the lowering of capital gains tax There was a lot of debate about a new tax ...

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Iran Bringing New HNW Property Buyers to London

Azadi Square - Teheran

As sanctions slowly lift in Iran, a wave of super-rich Iranians are preparing to flood London’s property market with billions of pounds over the coming years. Three years of heavy International sanctions which essentially prevented any inward or outward investment from either entering or leaving the country, due to the blocking of SWIFT (an international inter-bank transfer system), were finally ...

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The Autumn Budget has some new surprises! – 3% higher SDLT for buy to let investors and second home owners

London Mayory

With the recent release of the Autumn budget, investors in property were again hit by another surprise. As of April 2016, Stamp Duty Land Tax will be 3% higher for buy to let investors and second homeowners although commercial developers are expected to be exempt from this hike. What does this mean financially? In simple terms, an investor looking to ...

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