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Canary Wharf property investment – Its all happening in E14….

Canary Wharf

15 years on Canary Wharf has very much established itself as one of Europe’s most important financial centers. London’s East End “E14” attracts a young and vibrant workforce that fly in and out of London and work in the financial district. Many of the residents of Canary Wharf are young people who choose to rent rather than buy, offering a ...

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Post Election London Property Prices Set for Another Frenzy

London Mayory

Millions of Pounds worth of luxury London Properties exchanged hands just hours after the elections this May. In fact, the recent landslide victory for the Tories at the general elections will likely lead to a surge in London property prices as the fear of a Labour Mansion Tax and other transaction taxes dwindle away. “Manic” London property prices In an ...

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General Election a Nightmare for London Property?

The high-end property market has all but frozen ahead of the general election, temporarily paralysed by uncertainty and the mountain of potential policies such as Labour’s mansion tax. Estate agents specialising in the high end market in London and part of the beating heart of London, known for their affluent clients, their seemingly complete indifference to market forces are having ...

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Exciting times to be investing in UK property

There have been a number of tax changes since 2013  that have effected the UK property market. The negative forecasts that have followed in the media have had an impact on people’s  sentiments about the market and ultimately slowed activity. Infact there is a lot of good news for  medium & long term investors. None of the changes have had ...

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General Election 2015

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you will be well aware of the impending general election. Political parties have been busy putting together their manifestos for May’s election, aiming to inspire and ignite voter confidence. But what are the main issues the three major parties will be campaigning for in 2015? Immigration Always a controversial subject; immigration has ...

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Luxury Cottage Rentals for Christmas and New Year

There is one night of the year that you can genuinely say ‘let’s go all out and do it in style’. And that night is New Years Eve. The world over celebrates the bringing in of a new year; mostly decadently, sometimes opulently, and always ferociously over the top. But if something a little quieter, more intimate and personal takes ...

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London Property: Boom…Or Bust?


It’s a topic on many a young person’s mind…“will I ever own my own home?” Many moons ago, it was the done thing. And to be fair, it was a much simpler and less painful process.  But the simple fact of the matter is that owning your home is a dream many people probably won’t fulfill during their lifetime…especially those living in ...

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