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Is stamp duty the real reason the prime property market is down?

London Property Experts discuss the market as they see it from the ground.

London Property host a quarterly breakfast meeting in Grace of Belgravia. Leading property professionals with over 20 years experience in Prime Central London property gather to listen to an informative and interesting talk by Tom Bill – Head of Residential research at Knight Frank. Its an opportunity to collaborate, share views and news.  

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Property Prices in Westminster

Property Prices in Westminster

The years since the financial crisis have definitely been interesting ones for the borough of Westminster. Property prices in Westminster have seen quite a rally since the days of the financial crisis. Westminster in fact has seen house prices go up by 95% since the financial crisis and has seen a boom market for many years as investors, overseas and ...

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Overseas Investors, is the Party Ending?

Overseas Investors

London Property has for long been a favorite investment product for overseas investors. Having seen high returns, at relatively low risk, in a mature and stable country and with sustained low interest rates pushing house prices ever higher; there is little doubt as to why London has become a favorite investment for Overseas Investors. But are things changing? Will future ...

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Panama Papers and their Implication for London Property

The Shard

With the outbreak of the Panama Papers scandal, it came as little surprise to anyone that a large number of London properties were held by offshore companies, the ultimate beneficiaries of which were a closely guarded secret. However, the papers do show us just how extensive some of this offshoring has been and also to what degree rich foreign nationals ...

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The 6 Best Outdoor Pools in London

Swimming Pools in London

With the weather fast improving, there are some amazing outdoor pools to wet your hair on a hot summer’s day in this muggy city of ours… 1. Kings Cross Pond Club A piece of art which is fully functional…yes please! The Kings Cross Pond Club is the UK’s first ever man-made fresh water public bathing pond, set within a working ...

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Which London Boroughs Performed Best and Worst Last Quarter?

London Glass Building

A quick look at the changes in property prices throughout the London boroughs shows a quite stark turn and change in the market. Some of the would be favourite boroughs of the last few years have found themselves at the bottom of the ranks when it comes to house price growth. So looking at this closer, amongst the five worst performers ...

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